Protection against the prosecution for financial and white-collar crimes

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International expert practice

We work within the legal framework of both Russian and international legislation, deal with INTERPOL, engage foreign partners.

Legal investigations

We work with professionals in various fields of law.

Engaging private detectives

For the purpose of protection of our clients we build a strong evidence basis against the accusations brought by the law enforcement investigation and engage private detectives.

You should not take a wait-and-see approach in case of the criminal prosecution risks. Send us a request if you seek for a solution to your case.

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Six basic requests in the field of Criminal Law we have been working for over 15 years

Defense against charges for economic crimes
  • Fraud
  • Misappropriation or Embezzlement
  • Abuse of authority
  • Evasion of taxes
  • Premeditated bankruptcy
  • Commercial bribery
  • Withdrawal of assets
  • Money laundering
Criminal Law defense of your business
  • Tax crimes
  • Customs crimes
  • Cybercrimes and information theft
  • Environmental crimes
Extradition and INTERPOL
  • Collection and analysis of information about a person on the international wanted list
  • Protection of citizens of the Russian Federation against their extradition to the Russian Federation
  • Participation in examination of an extradition request
  • Appealing to the European Court of Human Rights
  • Legal support when considering the issue of detention etc.
Defense against charges for white-collar crimes
  • Bribery
  • Misappropriation or Embezzlement
  • Abuse or Exceeding of the limits of authority
  • Dereliction of duty
  • Forgery
Cross-border penal cases
  • Transfer of assets and other funds abroad
  • Support of Assets Tracing and Recovery proceedure in foreign jurisdictions
  • Work with troubled assets
  • Currency Crimes etc
Financial and Banking crimes
  • Corporate disputes
  • Fraudulent acts of employees
  • Illegal Banking Activity etc.

Our experts’ support at a preliminary stage

If you are at risk of criminal prosecution
A preliminary evaluation of the situation and protection guarantee
  1. We carry out a preliminary criminal audit of your activities
  2. We help detect and minimize risks.
  3. We provide you with an ‘emergency button’ to call a lawyer in the shortest time.
A request from law enforcement authorities for data provision
  1. We’ll suggest you a plan of correct actions.
  2. We’ll help you prepare all required documents.
  3. We’ll represent and protect your interests when interacting with the requester.
Carrying out screening and operational-search activities
  1. We’ll protect your interests during the inspection of premises, seizure of documents and other procedures aimed at gathering evidence of your illegal activity.
  2. We’ll contest illegal actions of inspectors.

Six main stages

when our experts in Criminal Law are available to pursue the case
Interrogation conducted by a crime investigator or a case officer
  1. We’ll provide a support and proper preparation to ensure the avoidance of re-qualification of your witness status for the status of a suspect or the accused.
  2. We’ll help you forecast all eventual scenarios of further course of events and get prepared for them.
Bringing formal charges
  1. We’ll provide a support during the procedure.
  2. We’ll protect you from abuses and psychological impact produced by case officers and investigators.
  3. We’ll find in the presented charges grounds for their withdrawal.
  4. We’ll prepare all required documents.
  5. We’ll help you appeal for supervisory or judicial review.
  1. We ensure the participation of a defense attorney who will advise you and protect your interests during the course of urgent investigative actions, such as police interrogation, confrontation with witnesses and others).
  2. We’ll recommend you how to avoid being detained in custody in a pretrial detention center while the investigation continues.
The investigator’s petition for your custody in a pretrial detention center
  1. We’ll advise you on a correct plan of actions.
  2. We’ll help you prepare a bundle of documents to use in judicial proceedings.
  3. In the event of the pre-trial detention as a preventive measure, we’ll advise you on prospects, strategy and tactics for contesting a judicial decision before the Courts of Appeal, Cassation and Supervision.
  4. We’ll represent and protect your interests while appealing to annul the court decision or to change the measure of restraint for a milder one (for example, prohibition by a court of certain actions).
Criminal investigation process
  1. Consultation and choosing of the best defense strategy and tactics.
  2. Representation and protection of your interests during crime investigation procedures.
  3. Protection from abuses and psychological impact produced by case officers and crime investigators.
  4. Appealing against illegal actions in court or under the supervisory procedure.
  5. Engaging of private detectives for building the evidence base against the accusations.
Sentencing and the entry into force of a court sentence
  1. If you are not satisfied with the sentence, we’ll advise you on prospects, strategy and tactics for further appeal.
  2. We help contest the sentence in the courts of higher instances including the Supreme, Constitutional Courts of the Russian Federation as well as the European Court of Human Rights.
  3. We represent and protect the client’s interests in courts of all instances for the purpose of the abolition or minimization of punishment.
  4. We help monitor the compliance with laws and regulations by the employees of the penal system and Federal Bailiff Service of the Russian Federation.

Our experts’ work related to Criminal Law

Our lawyers preserve the attorney-client privilege; help to elaborate the most efficient defense of the client, even in the most complicated cases.
High responsibility
In the framework of Criminal Law, the dispute subject is our client’s future. Thus, our experts calculate every single step.
High involvement
We immediately handle the case in order to exclude the pressure of police officers on the client and to improve the chances for a successful resolution of the case.

We are trusted

About us
We make it possible to keep your business safe

Bishenov & Partners is an international, dynamically developing consulting company uniting a team of progressive and efficient professionals in the field of the provision of legal and economic security of business. We advise our corporate and private clients as well as help them settle issues and disputes in 26 practice areas.

Our partners

We back up our words with deeds

cases are resolved or suspended, charges against our clients are dropped or mitigated.
complex cases other experts withdrew from were settled in favor of our clients.
of clients come to us again due to our professionalism.

Why do businessmen from the Forbes list trust our experts?

Media appearances and presentations at expert forums
Our Company’s experts are the authors of publications and speakers of the leading mass media at the federal level.
Professional recognition
Our expertise and professionalism are highly recognized in the independent professional rankings of lawyers such as the Best Legal Practices according to the rating of the “Kommersant” Publishing House.
General Liability Insurance
Our company and its’ experts maintain Commercial General and Public Liability insurance with a limit of 100 000 000 rubles.

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