I express my gratitude to Bishenov & Partners team for development and implementation of the instruments of protection of Russian business from cybercrimes in the Internet.

A. N. Svintsov
State Duma member

The attorneys have a high level of legal expertise, extensive experience and the ability to build their work and find a way out of the most challenging situations

M. D. Marshankulov
Executive director

During the whole period of our interaction Bishenov & Partners team have showed themselves as business oriented professionals

A. V. Velichko
General Director

We are grateful to the experts of the Company for well-coordinated work and recommend it as a reliable partner.

O. A. Durdyev
Director on legal matters and corporate relationships AB InBev Efes

For professionalism and a great contribution to business security.

A. B.Vyborniy
State Duma member

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