Legal support of projects and disputes settlement

in the field of new Technologies, Media, Telecommunications, brand management and marketing
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Our experts are highly experienced in Russian and international legal matters

Extensive experience and expertise in the field of Telecommunications and Media

Our experts know this activity in details, have a deep knowledge in the area; make better decisions in the cases and find solutions to non-standard tasks.

A great coverage and engagement of foreign partners

Our lawyers have a wide practice of work both in Russian and in international jurisdictions; handle the cases with a foreign element; control the enforcement of judgments on the territory of foreign countries.

Support and protection in the case of criminal prosecution

Our team undertakes the cases of an increased level of complexity and has the unique expertise in Criminal Law; represents the client’s interests in court on behalf of both the plaintiff and the defendant.

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Six fields our clients from TMT do their business in

IT: software development and online activities

Mass media: digital and print media, TV

Digital economy and industrial digitalization

Advertising and Marketing

Public authorities

Gaming industry

Nine basic requests of our TMT clients we have been working with for more than 15 years

Support of public sector and PPP projects

Protection of honor, dignity, business reputation and other intangible benefits

Help and advice on Media Rights

Formalization and compliance with intellectual rights

Legal support of transactions in TMT sector

Provision of personal data safety

Preparation of documents, agreements and contracts

A comprehensive support of a project – from the idea to its launch

Conflict settlement and representation in trials

Representation and protection of your interests before any commercial and public institutions

Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property

Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media

Federal Antimonopoly Service

Courts of all instances in Russia and abroad

Six main ways our team can help you

Ad-hoc legal advice
  1. Analysis of the task, situation and your previous actions.
  2. Examination of the documentation and details of the situation.
  3. Legal expertise.
  4. Legal advice on a correct plan of action.
  5. Selection of an appropriate strategy for issue settlement.
  6. Supplementary assistance (drawing up of documents, representation of the client’s interests in court), if necessary.
Protection of your interests in the Federal Antimonopoly Service
  1. Representation of interests in the cases of violation of the Law on Protection of Competition or Advertising Law.
  2. Development of a strategy for protection of your interests and its tactically correct implementation during a pre-trial investigation and judicial proceedings.
  3. Building the evidence basis.
  4. Representation of your interests and interaction with public officials.
Disputes with competitors
  1. Advising on unscrupulous actions by competitors.
  2. Protection of your company’s and your own interests.
  3. Evidence gathering.
  4. Articulation of a strategy that will help influence the competitors and situation by means of criminal law mechanisms.
Subscription-based legal services
  1. Assistance in building and scaling a distribution network.
  2. Drawing up of reporting and working documentation, politics and contracts.
  3. Assistance in negotiations and legal verification of counterparties.
  4. Representation of the client’s interests in disputes with customers, partners, public authorities.
  5. Mediation and help in resolution of corporate and labor disputes out of court or during a hearing in the court of any instance.
Legal support of M&A deals
  1. Advising on deal structuring.
  2. Analysis of accounting and financial reports.
  3. Risk detection and legal verification of partnership.
  4. Taking into consideration the specifics of your business during the audit.
  5. Drawing up of contracts and preparation of a set of documents.
  6. Consulting on tax legislation.
  7. A comprehensive legal support of a deal.
Support during trial proceedings
  1. Audit of your previous actions.
  2. Development of a strategy and legal position backed by a relevant judicial opinion.
  3. Putting the strategy into a step-by-step plan of action to protect your interests.
  4. Appealing against the wrongful acts of the participants of a litigation, if necessary.
  5. Representation of your interests in courts of all instances, including the Supreme and Constitutional Courts of the Russian Federation.

Our experts’ work in the field of Technologies, Media and Telecommunication

Responsible for every word
Work with media resources and telecommunications requires the ability to ponder one’s words, decisions and actions. Our experts are aware of all the nuances of work in this field.
Quick responsiveness
Our specialists respond quickly to the changes of the process and non-standard situations; undertake your case right away and protect the interests of a company, brand or a private individual.
Efficiency and understanding of the specifics of this field
The field of Telecommunications and Media requires a special approach. Our specialists have a long experience in this area; explain and discuss with the client every decision they make and choose the most effective strategies.

We are trusted

About us
We make it possible to keep your business safe

Bishenov & Partners is an international, dynamically developing consulting company uniting a team of progressive and efficient professionals in the field of the provision of legal and economic security of business. We advise our corporate and private clients as well as help them settle issues and disputes in 26 practice areas.

Our partners

We back up our words with deeds

of cases resolved in favor of our clients
TMT companies work with us on a regular basis
billion rubles recovered by court decisions on the cases pursued in defense of intellectual property and TMT disputes.

Why do businessmen from the Forbes list trust our experts?

Media appearances and presentations at expert forums
Our Company’s experts are the authors of publications and speakers of the leading mass media at the federal level.
Professional recognition
Our expertise and professionalism are highly recognized in the independent professional rankings of lawyers such as the Best Legal Practices according to the rating of the “Kommersant” Publishing House.
General Liability Insurance
Our company and its’ experts maintain Commercial General and Public Liability insurance with a limit of 100 000 000 rubles.

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