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Resolution of disputes in the field of Insurance Law and control over the enforcement of judgements

Work with legal and private entities

Our experts work both with individuals and companies; act on behalf of both the plaintiff and the defendant and protect your interests in and out of court as well as by means of criminal law mechanisms.

Prevention of controversial situations

Our experts undertake a case at any stage- not only to resolve a conflict but also at the stage of awarding a contract.

They study the contract, assess risks and provide recommendations on their risk mitigation; accompany the process of conclusion of a deal.

Work beyond the Russian Law

Our specialists have an extensive international experience and deal with the participants of insurance markets all over the world.

They advise and help in resolving insurance disputes occurring during traveling abroad.

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Six most frequent insurance sectors we have been working with for more than 15 years

Social insurance

Property insurance

Health insurance

Retirement insurance

Finance insurance

Insurance at Russian Association of Motor Insurers

Insurance disputes our clients come to us with

Delay in payments

Denial of payment

Understatement of compensation amount during the payment

Early termination of contract with an advance payment of compensation

Six main stages when our experts in Insurance Law are available to pursue the case

  1. Analysis of the task, situation and your previous actions.
  2. Examination of the documentation and details of the situation.
  3. Legal expertise.
  4. Legal advice on a correct plan of action.
  5. Selection of an appropriate strategy for settlement of the issue.
  1. Analysis of the situation and advising.
  2. Engagement of experts for carrying out an independent expertise.
  3. Obtaining the expertise results for attaching them to the case materials.
  4. Advising on further actions and a strategy for dispute handling.
Articulation of a strategy for dispute resolution
  1. Evaluation of the situation and analysis of the case.
  2. Preparation of the necessary documentation.
  3. Conduct of negotiations, if necessary.
  4. Conduct of an independent expertise, if necessary.
Out of court settlement
  1. Analysis of the situation and the case.
  2. Development of a strategy for a pre-trial dispute resolution.
  3. Conduct of negotiations with the client-attorney privilege.
  4. Preparation of documents and evidence gathering.
  5. Submitting of the documents and the results of an independent expertise to the Insurance company.
Initiation of an insurance dispute
  1. Advising.
  2. Organization and conduct of negotiations with opponents.
  3. Evidence gathering.
  4. Expertizing.
  5. Elaboration of the strategy and legal opinion to conduct the case.
Legal representation
  1. Audit of your previous actions.
  2. Development of a strategy and legal position backed by a relevant judicial opinion.
  3. Putting the strategy into a step-by-step plan of action to protect your interests.
  4. Appealing against the wrongful acts of the participants of a litigation, if necessary.
  5. Representation of your interests in courts of all instances.

Our experts’ work in the field of insurance Law

Comprehensive legal support
Our specialists assume all the tasks in the Insurance sector, save you time and efforts dealing with the public officials, developing and implementing the case strategy.
Formalized cooperation mechanisms
Our experts conclude contracts, assume responsibility for their decisions and maintain their transparency. They are available to undertake a case quickly and stay in touch with their clients 24/7.
Our insurance experts are result-oriented. They handle the cases with tens of billions of rubles as the matter of argument and make decisions whose effectiveness has been proven.

We are trusted

About us
We make it possible to keep your business safe

Bishenov & Partners is an international, dynamically developing consulting company uniting a team of progressive and efficient professionals in the field of the provision of legal and economic security of business. We advise our corporate and private clients as well as help them settle issues and disputes in 26 practice areas.

Our partners

We back up our words with deeds

million rubles were received by our clients as a result of a successful conflict resolution in 2021and 2022.
disputes with insurance companies were resolved in favor of our clients.
of disputes were resolved out of court or during first instance hearings.

Why do businessmen from the Forbes list trust our experts?

Media appearances and presentations at expert forums
Our Company’s experts are the authors of publications and speakers of the leading mass media at the federal level.
Professional recognition
Our expertise and professionalism are highly recognized in the independent professional rankings of lawyers such as the Best Legal Practices according to the rating of the “Kommersant” Publishing House.
General Liability Insurance
Our company and its’ experts maintain Commercial General and Public Liability insurance with a limit of 100 000 000 rubles.

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