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Work with the company’s reputation, moulding public opinion

Effective strategies

Our company shows consistent results and uses judicial PR, if necessary. We choose only effective methods.

A complex approach

For the years of work, we have extended the area of our activities, so we work not only in law but in the spheres related to reputation, PR and marketing.

Access to the international market

Our team works both in the framework of Russian law and gets an access to the international market handling cases in foreign courts.

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Two basic situations when you need public relations in legal projects

For attracting clients and company development

PR support will let you increase the project awareness, make a name for yourselves and attract new clients.

For winning a certain case

Communication support of a certain case allows protecting the client from a negative impact on their reputation and creating the right information background.

Three basic reasons for providing legal projects with PR support

High competitivity

It’s essential to be ‘visible’, choose legal promotional methods and opportunities to announce yourself.

A strong impact of online sphere

Company awareness influences its success, reputation and customer reach. It’s of high importance to be in the foreground.

Necessity of transparency and openness

Public relations in legal projects allows maintaining honor, self estime and reputation of the counterparties of a case as well as making a litigation larger and possible to manage.

Six key results our clients and colleagues achieve due to public relations in legal projects

Increased flow of new clients
Better quality of clients
Increased brand awareness
Enhanced brand loyalty
Improved relationship with public authorities
Services price growth

Six basic services in the field of public relations in legal projects

Basic consultation
  1. Getting acquainted, advising and discussion of difficulties.
  2. Discussion of objectives and challenges in the matters of communication with target audience or clients.
  3. Giving answers to your staff’s questions.
  4. Audit of a current situation.
  5. Detection of the aspects to work on primarily.
  6. Articulation of a step-by-step plan of action.
Selection of appropriate PR strategies
  1. Setting goals and objectives.
  2. Identifying your audience.
  3. The use of the strategies designed particularly for law companies. For example, participation in legislative activity and round tables, the conduct of publicized court cases, communication with the audience via the Mass Media.
  4. Factoring in the company’s reputation.
Online advising on regional projects
  1. We work with any legal projects.
  2. We advise, support and teach in an online format.
  3. We audit your current situation.
  4. We come up with a strategy for your further development.
  5. We answer the questions of our colleagues.
The current PR strategy audit
  1. Analysis of a current situation.
  2. Discussion of existing opportunities for communication with clients.
  3. Discussion of the results of such communication and desired ones.
  4. Elaboration of new strategies.
  5. Experience exchange.
Analysis of the necessity of a judicial PR for a client
  1. Consultation and analysis of objectives.
  2. Detection of reputational risks for the client.
  3. Building the strategy of communication support that will help you preserve reputation and manage the flow of information.
Adaptation of PR strategies for the changing world
  1. Audit of the situation.
  2. Quick updating of the movement strategy.
  3. Selection of new methods of reaction and communication with the audience.
  4. Development of flexibility and adaptiveness.

Our experts’ work in the field of  public relations in legal projects

Operational responsiveness
They perfom a large scope of work in a short time and are available to undertake the case even at the last moment.
High responsibility
They handle the cases with tens of billions of rubles as the matter of argument, and calculate every single step.
Transparency and honesty
Our lawyers speak a common language with clients, explain the decisions they make and stay in touch with their clients 24/7.

We are trusted

About us
We make it possible to keep your business safe

Bishenov & Partners is an international, dynamically developing consulting company uniting a team of progressive and efficient professionals in the field of the provision of legal and economic security of business. We advise our corporate and private clients as well as help them settle issues and disputes in 26 practice areas.

Our partners

We back up our words with deeds

of our clients become a regular user of public relations in legal projects.
PR cases accomplished in 2019-2022
of the cases communication support allows influencing their outcome

Why do businessmen from the Forbes list trust our experts?

Media appearances and presentations at expert forums
Our Company’s experts are the authors of publications and speakers of the leading mass media at the federal level.
Professional recognition
Our expertise and professionalism are highly recognized in the independent professional rankings of lawyers such as the Best Legal Practices according to the rating of the “Kommersant” Publishing House.
General Liability Insurance
Our company and its’ experts maintain Commercial General and Public Liability insurance with a limit of 100 000 000 rubles.

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