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Control over the respect of your rights worldwide

Many believe that the Intellectual property protection is anything but simple.
We work within the legal framework of both Russian and international legislation engaging partners from foreign jurisdictions.

Bringing to penal liability

In the times of online sales, the intellectual property is considerably more valuable than the tangible one. So, our experts are experienced in bringing infractors to criminal liability for violating rights (for example, under art.146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Protection against unscrupulous competition

We have great experience in handling cases on unscrupulous competition in respect of intellectual property objects.

Do not let your competitors thrive on the results of your work. Book a consultation right now if your intellectual property needs protection.

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Ten basic types of copyright protected works our lawyers deal with

Works of Literature, Art and Science

Software, databases, IT solutions

Pieces of music, phonorecords and performance

Know-how and Commercially Confidential

Training courses, programs and educational content

Audio-, photo- and video works

Domain names and websites

Inventions and useful models

Trademarks and trade names

Integrated circuit topography

Six basic requests in the field of copyright protection we have been working with for more than 15 years

Registration of trade marks, invention patents, useful models, industrial samples, works of literature

Resolution of disputes in the Rospatent Chamber of Patent Disputes, representation of interests in the Federal Antimonopoly Service, recourse to the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media.

Work on conclusion and performance of contracts in the field of protection of Intellectual Property rights.

Registration of exclusive rights for software and databases, formalization of relations with software developers.

Drawing up of contracts, non-disclosure and trade secret agreements as well as claim letters.

Resolution of disputes related to the Intellectual Property in trials including bringing to criminal liability.

Six main stages when our experts in copyright protection are available to pursue the case

Registration of rights
  1. Consulting and setting goals and objectives.
  2. Preparation of documentation and contractual structure for further correct use (for example, commercial concession agreement).
  3. Registration of rights for a trade mark, invention, useful model and other intellectual property.
Difficulties during registration
  1. Audit of your previous actions.
  2. Consulting and estimation of successful rights registration probability.
  3. Representation and protection of your interests in Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property and the Chamber of Patent Disputes.
Documentation development
  1. Consulting and audit of all information, defining goals.
  2. Elaboration of required contractual structure.
  3. Drawing up contracts, preparation of letters and statements of claim, answers to claims.
  4. Preparation of documents for settlement of disputes with developers and contractors.
Participation in hearings and conduct of the case in court
  1. Consulting on a working strategy during trial proceedings.
  2. Representation and protection of your interests.
  3. Analysis of matters regarding legitimacy in the field of Intellectual Property protection.
  4. Launching the process of bringing to criminal liability.
  5. Building the evidence base.
  6. Contesting illegal actions, if necessary.
Judicial review
  1. Audit of your previous actions.
  2. Articulation of the most favorable strategy for a judicial dispute.
  3. Elaboration of a legal position.
  4. Drawing up a step-by-step plan of actions and negotiating its time limits.
  5. Building the evidence base.
  6. Holding negotiations to resolve the dispute out of court.
  7. Initiation of judicial proceedings in Intellectual Property Court.
  8. Protection of your rights.
Judicial decisions in your favor
  1. Analysis of your previous actions.
  2. Help with judicial awards enforcement.
  3. Interaction with the employees of relevant competent bodies: judicial enforcement officers, Interior Ministry officials of the Russian Federation and others.

Our experts’ work related to Copyright protection

Operational responsiveness
They perform a large scope of work in a short time and are available to undertake the case even at the last moment.
High responsibility
They handle the cases with tens of billions of rubles as the matter of argument, and calculate every single step.
Transparency and honesty
Our lawyers speak a common language with clients, explain the decisions they make and stay in touch with their clients 24/7.

We are trusted

About us
We make it possible to keep your business safe

Bishenov & Partners is an international, dynamically developing consulting company uniting a team of progressive and efficient professionals in the field of the provision of legal and economic security of business. We advise our corporate and private clients as well as help them settle issues and disputes in 26 practice areas.

Our partners

We back up our words with deeds

billion rubles recovered by court decisions on the cases pursued in defense of intellectual property
cases on copyright resolved engaging foreign legal institution and authorities
disputes on illegal use of copyright turned into criminal cases

Why do businessmen from the Forbes list trust our experts?

Media appearances and presentations at expert forums
Our Company’s experts are the authors of publications and speakers of the leading mass media at the federal level.
Professional recognition
Our expertise and professionalism are highly recognized in the independent professional rankings of lawyers such as the Best Legal Practices according to the rating of the “Kommersant” Publishing House.
General Liability Insurance
Our company and its’ experts maintain Commercial General and Public Liability insurance with a limit of 100 000 000 rubles.

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